Draw Snowball Secret Life of Pets 10

Step 10: Inside each eye, draw a smaller circle for the irises. The eye on the right should be smaller, and its left edge should be covered by the muzzle slightly. Draw a tiny circle on the upper right edge of each iris to represent glare. Inside each iris, draw a slightly smaller circle for the pupils. Shade the smaller circles to make Snowball's pupils a bit darker.


Draw Snowball Secret Life of Pets 11

Step 11: Draw a series of quick, short strokes above the eyes to represent Snowball's furrowed brow. The strokes for the brow on the left should start above the upper right side of the eye, then curve to the left and angle back down to the left side of the eye. The brow on the right side should be a mirror image of the first one but be smaller and thinner because of the perspective.


Draw Snowball Secret Life of Pets 12

Step 12: Draw a long curved line under the muzzle for the top part of the bunny's open mouth. The ends of this line should be very close to the horizontal construction line. Draw a small line below the nose too. Add a smaller line on either end of the long line for Snowball's smile lines.


Draw Snowball Secret Life of Pets 13

Step 13: Add the bottom part of Snowball's open mouth by first drawing a small mark at the bottom to indicate how big the open mouth will be. Then connect the mark with the top part of the mouth using curved lines to form a big U-shaped line. Inside the mouth, at the top, draw a small square-like shape with a line through the middle for the bunny's front teeth. Add a similar shape at the bottom, slightly above the line for the bottom two teeth. Draw two curved lines on either side of the lower teeth for the gums.


Draw Snowball Secret Life of Pets 14

Step 14: Draw the tongue inside the mouth, right above the bottom teeth. Snowball's tongue consists of a series of curved lines. Pause the video to get the shape right. Draw a row of overlapping circles inside the mouth, on the left side, for the molars. Add another row of overlapping circles to the right of the tongue for the other set of molars.

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